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Brand new openings around the city

Bangkok is a huge and sprawling city with sights and wonders that captivate the tourist and resident alike. And there are some equally odd spots that would catch the interest of... well, some. The Big Mango is huge -- and it's not called the "Big" Mango for nothing, you know. There are places opening up all the time that give Bangkokians an inexhaustible list of things to do or places to visit. This week, we here at Guru give you six new places that have recently opened their doors to the public. Pay ‘em a visit, why don't you?

Chang Chui

460/8 Sirinthon Road, Bang Phlat, 081-817-2888

This old time industrial creative space is an explosion of all things classic Thai, hipster and artsy. With a huge aeroplane in the centre of it -- and a slide too! -- the whole place gives off an almost steampunk vibe. There's a load of stores here, ranging from your usual food stalls to actual restaurants, one of which serves up dishes with insects. There are also clothing stores, a souvenir shop with classic Thai items and a drone school. Talk about "old meets new". But the whole draw of Chang Chui is the aesthetics, so don't be surprised if you see crowds with their selfie sticks and DSLRs at the ready. They plan to host regular events here as well, and they will be opening a restaurant on their centre piece plane which will be led by a Michelin-starred chef. It's a little way away and a car is preferable, but parking may be a bit of a hassle.

Hawker Chan Thailand

5/F, Terminal 21

Photos courtesy of Hawker Chan

If there was ever a gleaming beacon for street food, it's Hawker Chan. Originating from Singapore, it's the world's first Michelin-starred food stall. Since Bangkok was named the street food capital of the world, it's only fitting that Hawker Chan finally opened up a branch here in the City of Angels. More than being a shining testament to the fact that street food rocks, Hawker Chan brings with it from the Lion City its signature dishes of rice or noodles with chicken or pork, and all of it at a ridiculously low price. It's safe to say that you're never going to eat a Michelin-starred meal priced at only around B100... unless, you eat at Hawker Chan. Get there early though because the queues can be long.

Jamba Juice

G/F, Siam Paragon,

Step aside, Starbucks. Jamba Juice has come to town. The well-known smoothie and juice brand from the United States has arrived in Thailand with their first store in -- surprise, surprise -- Siam Paragon. It's a small space, but there's still some seating for you to chill at. Aside from the juices and smoothies that you can buy, it's also got the signature Energy Bowls that you can try. Worried about lines? Luckily, there doesn't seem to be a problem with that. And it's not because no one is buying. There's a bit of a wait for your order, but there are no long queues.

LINE Village Bangkok

1/F, Siam Square One,

It's not like everyone's using LINE every single minute of every single day already. You probably just received a message on it right now. Despite that, Bangkokians can't seem to get enough of the green-hued app, so to up our obsession/addiction, we now have LINE Village Bangkok that sells... well, all things LINE. Get your fix of Cony, Brown and their friends in plushie or stationery form, or other types of goodies too. Because hey, it's not enough that you're addicted to the app, you've gotta show it off to the whole world too. You might have to endure a long line though.


Photos courtesy of So Good Consulting Company Limited


G/F, Siam Paragon

Photos courtesy of IHOP

The International House of Pancakes has finally broached Thailand's shores! The announcement of the first IHOP in Thailand was made sometime late last year but it's only now that it's actually opened. The well-known breakfast resto has a small location on the ground floor of Siam Paragon but it's planning to open a bigger space up on the 4th floor. The menu consists of pancakes, duh -- pancakes for as far the eye can see! Don't fret, there are a few other things on the menu as well, but why go to the International House of Pancakes if not for the pancakes?

Ben's Cookies

G/F, Siam Paragon, 02-610-8000

Photos courtesy of Ben’s Cookies

The United Kingdom has blessed the world with numerous things -- The Beatles, Harry Potter, Hugh Grant, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and extra letters in words like "colour" and "favourite". Bangkok has been graced with the arrival of another UK favourite, Ben's Cookies, which opened recently in Siam Paragon. And like any other opening in Paragon, that meant selfies and long lines. As of now, customers can only buy the small box that contains six cookies due to the high influx of customers. Unfortunately, the long lines have been the major complaint of customers. But hey, remember Krispy Kreme? That didn't stop anyone from buying.


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