Noodles with unwanted protein

  • 7 Mar 2016 at 12:38
  • Newspaper section: Video

A diner found a live cockroach crawling on her bowl of soba noodles at a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok. The restaurant's reaction - it reduced the nauseated customer's bill by half.

Pantip user nattanonkun, young woman's boyfriend, posted a video of the incident and a photo of the restaurant receipt on social media.

"Last Thursday, my girlfriend and I hadn't eaten anything since morning. We decided to eat at Tenya restaurant in Central Ladprao.

"There was no problem with my dish. My girlfriend ordered a double portion of cold soba noodles. She was almost done eating, when this unworldly creature appeared.

"It was waving its antennae and casually walked along the edge of the bowl. My girlfriend rushed to the toilet, as I notified the waiters. They sorted this problem out by giving us a 50% discount. My girlfriend and I are still put off by this, so we want to share this experience with you," nattanonkun wrote.

Net users criticised the restaurant for its poor, unhygienic service and shared similar experiences at different dining spots.

Pantip user PapkaS wrote: "A whopping 50% discount after a cockroach walked on your noodles? How did the restaurant come up with that?"

Another net user asked if the pair would have got a 100% discount if they found two cockroaches.

Tenya Thailand later issued a  letr of  apology, saying the management had taken steps to ensure acceptable standards of hygiene and food preparation.

On Sunday, another net user, who went by the name Muay Tamin, posted a photo of a live cockroach crawling on a dining table at Tenya restaurant in Central Bang Na.

Muay Tamin wrote: "The cockroach was found inside a drinking straw I had already used. I cancelled all my orders."

Video and photo credits: nattanonkun, Muay Tamin