Roll-out of Gold-D uncertain as TFEX lags

Traders are ready for Gold-D, but the SET and TFEX have yet to decide on its debut date.

Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) has yet to set a new date to roll out the Gold-D product, whose main feature is physical settlement, after being delayed since August last year.

"Gold traders have been ready to trade [the product] for a year but the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and TFEX still can't launch it. We've heard that the process of Gold-D trading approval is still stuck at the policymaker level [either the Revenue Department or the Bank of Thailand]. It should not take so long as the Thai market will lose trading opportunities," said Jitti Tangsitpakdi, president of the Gold Traders Association.

Gold-D's debut was due for the middle of last year before it was pushed back again to August.

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