Bidding and winning: Thailand takes aim at key international conventions

Having recently won 10 international conferences, TCEB stays focused on events serving the 10 Thailand 4.0 industries

The Conventions Department of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is making great strides in
attracting major international events to Thailand that serve the 10 priority industries under Thailand 4.0, the government’s economic transformation masterplan.

Conventions, a key component of Thailand’s business events industry, have an outsized impact on the local economy because their participants are high-skilled knowledge workers and business executives who can drive investment decisions and elevate the profile of Thai industries on the world stage.

Their immediate and longer-term contribution to the local economy is undoubtable.

Every country with a ready infrastructure for business events is in keen competition to attract this coveted
audience. Thailand today competes on the highest level with the best contenders.

Conventions are therefore a priority for TCEB, the Thai government’s lead agency for developing Thailand’s business events industry.

The Thailand 4.0 mandate

Since October 2018, TCEB has supported Thai associations in bid submission, resulting in winning 10 international conventions covering the medical, aviation and logistics, biochemical, education and environment sectors. This does not include some other conventions led by TCEB itself.

With TCEB as the voice and champion of Thailand’s business events industry overseas, interest for Thailand among international convention planners remains high.

At home, TCEB actively supports local corporations in organising international conventions too, especially those that advance Thailand’s capabilities and reputation in the innovation and digital arenas. Recent examples include the Corporate Innovation Summit (1,000 attendees) and Techsauce Global Summit (15,000 attendees).

As part of the Thailand 4.0 policy, TCEB has also recently supported two other events — the blockchain conference Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok (700 attendees), and the aviation event Air Convention Asia 2019 (1,500 attendees).

In 2020, TCEB will be supporting another aviation event, called Routes Asia (1,500 attendees), scheduled to take place in Chiang Mai following winning the bid in 2018.

Foundation for future economy

“The Thailand 4.0 policy allows us to focus very strategically on the 10 industries. The conventions that we bring to Thailand and support are fertile ground for knowledge exchanges and collaborations. They help build bridges between local and international entrepreneurs and investors, and open up new opportunities for local businesses,” commented Mr Sutichai Bunditvorapoom, TCEB’s Director of Conventions Department.

“Conventions and conferences are tools that we can use to expedite Thailand’s economic transformation. They are sources of knowledge and networks for our workforce and entrepreneurs. A convention that brings together a multinational community of players with deep specialist skills is an excellent platform to lay the foundation for our future economy,” he added.

Mr Sutichai cited the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) as a driving force for Thailand to boost its capabilities in the 10 key industries. Whether it is for aviation or logistics, Thailand Digital Park or EEC Innovation Park, acquisition of knowledge is crucial to the success of Thailand 4.0.

Thailand in the spotlight

When an international convention comes to Thailand, the most immediate beneficiaries are not only local suppliers but also local professionals who are in the same line of work.

Any success in attracting an international convention to Thailand is a vote of confidence for Thailand, as evidenced by two recently concluded events originating from the US.

In November 2018, the referral organisation BNI ventured beyond the US for the first time by choosing Bangkok for its first Global Convention (4,000 attendees).

This was followed in March 2019 by the IEEE Power and Energy Society’s Generation Transmission and Distribution Grand International Conference & Exposition (8,000 attendees). It was the first time that this event had been held in Asia and its success was considered by many in the events trade as a landmark achievement. 

More large-scale conventions are on the way. They include the 33rd International Epilepsy Congress (4,000 attendees), the 8th Education International World Congress (2,500 attendees) and the International Dragon Award Annual Congress (8,000 attendees).

The association sector will also feature prominently this year with TCEB assuming the role of host organisation again for the Union of International Associations (UIA) Asia-Pacific Round Table. 

The 2019 edition will be held in Pattaya. This follows the 2017 edition in Chiang Mai and 2015 edition in Bangkok.

Bid and win

To recognise Thai associations making substantial investment in resources and, finally, winning the bids for Thailand, TCEB will be presenting them the Bid Achievement Award for the fourth time this year. TCEB hopes this will encourage other Thai organisations to step in and bid for more international conventions. 

This award has proved to be an effective platform to highlight the bidding process and how organisations can work with TCEB to enhance their bids for international conventions.

If you plan to bring a convention, conference or congress to Thailand, please contact TCEB to find out more about TCEB’s conventions support programme.
Tel: +662 694 6000



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