Dusit Thani hotel to close for mixed-use project

The Dusit Thani Hotel will close on June 30, 2018, and the site will be developed as a mixed-use project. MINTRA RITTA-APINAN

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The Dusit Thani Bangkok will continue to operate as usual until June 30, 2018. From July 2018 on, all staff will continue to be employed and allocated to other properties, the company said in a release

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For anyone living in Bangkok in the 1970's and 1980's, the Dusit Thani, with its distinctive look, was one of the most important landmarks in the capital city. It could be seen for many kilometres. Will the new project create a new landmark?

Dusit Thani reiterates  job security for staff

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Dusit Thani Plc (DTC) has reaffirmed its "no lay-off" employment policy in preparation for transferring employees during the construction period of a new project.

The Dusit Thani Bangkok will continue to operate as usual until June 30, 2018, the company said in a release. From July 2018 on, all staff will continue to be employed and allocated to other properties.

The announcement follows a recent report that Dusit Thani, a leading hotel and property development company, will start work on a landmark mixed-use project in partnership with Central Pattana Plc.

The report raised concern that the first closure of the iconic hotel since 1970 would leave workers with decades of service unemployed.

"We affirm that our company has a 'no-layoff' employment policy, and we have prepared plans and projects for all our staff during the construction period of the new development," Dusit Thani said.

The entire group provides hospitality services, which include the operations of owned hotels and hotel management services and franchise services to domestic and international properties, and hospitality educational, which allows several projects to serve the Dusit Thani Bangkok's staff temporarily.

Suphajee Suthumpun, group chief executive of Dusit Thani, said earlier that the new project would become a new landmark in the same manner that Dusit Thani Bangkok made history 47 years ago.

The hotel recently signed an agreement with the Crown Property Bureau (CPB) to continue leasing the plot at the intersection of Silom Road and Rama IV Road on which the Dusit Thani Bangkok is located.

The lease will be extended by 30 years with the right to extend for another 30 years and an added seven-year grace period.

Dusit Thani has been granted permission from the CPB to lease additional land, increasing the plot area from 19 rai to 24 rai.

The project in Sala Daeng will feature a hotel, residences, retail and offices, plus green space.

The estimated project value is 36.7 billion baht, 60% of which will come from Dusit Thani and the rest from Central Pattana.

"Our goal is to develop a project that benefits both tourists and the general public," Dusit Thani said. "This plot lies right at the epicentre of the metropolis in the heart of the business and retail districts, as well as at the intersection of multiple mass transit systems such as the BTS and the MRT."

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