"Don't call me 'Pa'"

National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) member Anusawn Chirapongse. Photo from Post Today

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An unfortunate bartender ended up being hit on the head by a National Reform Steering Assembly member who objected to being addressed as "Pa" not "Khun".

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NRSA's Anusawn charged with bodily assault

Online reporters

National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) member Anusawn Chirapongse has been charged with bodily assault for hitting a bartender on the head at a restaurant in Soi Aree in Saphan Khwai area.

The incident occurred recently and Chat-alongkorn Nilyan, the bartender, filed a complaint with Bang Sue police on Sunday.

Mr Anusawn attended a meeting on Tuesday arranged by Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahathaworn, the city police chief, with Mr Chat-alongkorn at Bang Sue police station. Saengrawee Chuaypoon, the manager of the restaurant, was also present.

Mr Chat-alongkorn said that when he was told by a friend that Mr Anusawn wanted to see him, he walked to Mr Anusawn and in  his excitement called him "pa" ((ป๋า father)) instead of "khun" as he usually did.  This led to his being hit on the head, as shown in a video clip that went viral.

After the incident, he felt he had been belittled and treated unjustly, and went to file a complaint with Bang Sue police, he said.

Mr Chat-alongkorn said he now understood that Mr Anusawn did not have such an intention.  He said he would like to apologise to Mr Anusawn if the way he addressed him was deemed impolite.

Mr Anusawn also offered an apology to the bartender and to society.  He said what he did was unintentional as he and Mr Chat-alongkorn were familiar to each other.  He had once told the bartender not to call him "pa", because it was impolite of him.

He said he would take what happened as a lesson, adding he was sorry for having damaged the NRSA's  reputation.

Pol Lt Gen Sanit said since the offence had been committed, Mr Anusawn was charged with bodily assault – a charge that carries a penalty of up to one month in jail and/or a fine not exceeding 10,000 baht.

Investigators recommended that Mr Anusawn be penalised with the maximum fine, Pol Lt Gen Sanit said.

Earlier in the day, NRSA first vice president Alongkorn Ponlaboot said the NRSA's ethics committee would investigate and decide whether Mr Anusawn should lose his membership of the assembly for the misconduct.


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