Thai Raksa Chart execs may resign

A photo posted Sunday by Thai Raksa Chart Party registrar Chayika Wongnapachant, right, shows her with Thai Raksa Chart leader Preechapol Pongpanich (centre) at a temple in Ayutthaya. (FB/Sand.Chayika)

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The Thai Raksa Chart Party is deciding whether its executives should resign from their posts to make sure its election strategy remains intact in the wake of their unprecedented nomination of a princess for prime minister.

A source close to the party said Sunday that it is considering ways to keep MP candidates in the race with the party prepared to seek a royal pardon over its selection of Princess Ubolratana as its prime ministerial candidate for the March 24 election.

According to the source, the party initially considered withdrawing from the contest but that would mean all its candidates would be disqualified and a carefully planned election strategy would be adversely affected.

The Thai Raksa Chart plan to move on and contest the election echoes a tweet by the fugitive ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra on Saturday.

Thaksin, whose name has been linked by media and social media to the fiasco over the nomination of Princess Ubolratana, tweeted, "Chin up and keep moving forward! We learn from past experiences but live for today and the future. Cheer up! Life must go on!"

According to the source, the most likely course of action is the party executives involved in the nomination bid will step down from their posts but maintain their party membership.

Even though the party is likely to face dissolution, the process of the Election Commission will take some time, said the source.

The party posted a message on Sunday to its Facebook page thanking its supporters and saying it would stay in the election race.

Thai Raksa Chart leader Preechapol Pongpanich was spotted at a merit-making activity in Ayutthaya with Chayika Wongnapachan, daughter of Yaowaret Shinawatra, who shared their picture in a widely-shared post on her Facebook page.


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