Sumon finally gets her reward for returning 1.1 million baht

At the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority’s headquarters, former Chulalongkorn lecturer Theeraporn Verathaworn (right) rewards a bus conductress and a bus driver for their honesty in returning 1.1 million baht cash to its owner, a gynaecologist.  (Photo taken from

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Sumon Mahidun, who returned a lost bag containing 1.1. million baht, has received a 15,000 baht reward, but not from the bag's owner.

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Sumon finally gets her reward for returning 1.1 million baht

Last Sunday, a 33-year-old gynaecologist travelled from Sri Racha to Bang Na district. He was carrying a bag with him, but somehow forgot it as he got off air-conditioned bus No.511 near the Big C hypermarket in Pu Chao Saming Phrai.

In the bag was 1.1 million baht. It was later discovered by bus No. 511 fare collector Sumon Mahidun, 50, while she was cleaning up the bus at the Sai Tai Mai (new southern bus terminal) in Pak Nam in Samut Prakan.

She took the bag to a police station where the anxious gynaecologist soon retrieved it with her help. She had remembered who he was. He rewarded her with two bags of candy.

A gynaecologist carrying a bag and a bus conductor (right) contact officers at Samut Prakan Police Station after the conductor found the doctor's bag - containing 1.1 million baht – on a bus. (Photo by Sutthiwit Chayutworakan)

Reaction from social media users was swift and harsh. The doctor was widely condemned for being so stingy.

One person, former Chulalongkorn lecturer Theeraporn Verathaworn, actually did something about it. On Wednesday he gave 15,000 baht of his own money as a cash reward to Ms Sumon and another five 5,000 baht to Punnawit Chalongnatesodsai, the driver of the bus.

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