Apple Store opens Saturday

Inside the Apple Iconsiam, the first Apple store in Thailand, which opens for service on Saturday.

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Apple Iconsiam will open this Saturday in Bangkok on the shores of the Chao Phraya River, welcoming consumers to experience the Apple Store in Thailand for the first time.

The store will feature Apple's full line of products, including the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 4, as well as over 165 accessories.

Visitors are invited to pursue their creative passions for free at "Today at Apple" training sessions.

"Bangkok is a cultural and economic destination for the entire region and home to millions of passionate Apple customers," said Angela Ahrendts, Apple's senior vice-president of retail. "We are thrilled to introduce our Thai customers to Apple's full line of products, our phenomenal employees and the service and support that is loved by customers around the world."

Apple Iconsiam sits alongside storied sites and cultural landmarks. Seamlessly connecting the new mixed-use Iconsiam to an outdoor roof terrace, the store's clean design lines and glass surfaces accentuate the natural beauty of its surroundings while creating an open, airy atmosphere.

As customers walk in, they can continue to the roof garden, where they can admire local art, take part in a Today at Apple photo or sketch walk, or simply enjoy views of Bangkok.

A tree-lined "genius grove" provides the setting for personalised technical support and advice. More than 100 employees will welcome customers on Saturday.


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