Actor 'Film' found guilty of illegal cash payment services

Actor Rattapoom "Film" Tokongsup (file photo)

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Actor Rattapoom "Film" Tokongsup was given a suspended six-month jail term and fined 50,000 baht by the Criminal Court on Thursday for providing illegal cash payment services via a mobile phone app.

The 33-year-old actor was among five defendants found guilty in the case.

Public prosecutors arraigned them on charges of providing cash payment services via the mobile phone application Payall between October 2016 and Feb 20, 2017 without the permission required by law.

The four directors of Payall Group, Rattapoom, Sarawut Nontapa, Thanet Jatawapornpanit and Pumipat Prasertwit were convicted. The company was the other defendant.

Initially, the court fined the company 200,000 baht, and fined the directors 100,000 baht each and sentenced them to one year in prison. Because they confessed, the court halved the punishment.

As the defendants had not previously faced imprisonment, the court also suspended the jail term for two years and ordered them to do 24 hours of social service and report to probation officials for one year.

Another reason the prison term was suspended was because the defendants had already stopped providing the service and told customers it was in their best interests to withdraw all funds from their linked electronic wallets.


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