Student's first aid skills save mans's life

Tharathep Boonharn, a student at Muang Surat Thani School, is also a rescue volunteer and saved a man's life on Tuesday. (Photo by Supapong Chaolan)

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SURAT THANI: A student has been praised for using his first aid skills to save the life of a man who collapsed while exercising.

A clip of Tharathep Boonharn, 14, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a man in Muang district on Tuesday was widely shared on social media.

The student in Mathayom 3 (Grade 9) of Muang Surat Thani School said on Wednesday he was returning home from school on Tuesday when he heard on a rescue volunteer radio channel that a man had collapsed on a nearby football field. 

The boy said he and other rescue volunteers found the man losing consciousness and decided to conduct CPR to restore his breathing. The man was later sent to Surat Thani Hospital.

Tharathep said he and his parents had volunteered for Kuson Sattha Surat Thani Foundation, an emergency rescue service, since he was 10, and had received CPR and first aid training.

"I have saved many lives but this time was different -- probably because I was seen in my school uniform," the student said.

The boy said he has to be accompanied by senior volunteers on all rescue missions.

School deputy director Sombat Chuprachong praised the student for using his skills to save the man's life. The school will honour him with a certificate for setting an example for others to follow.

Tharathep said he was not thinking about anything except getting the man so start breathing again. "I'm glad he's OK." he said.


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