Palang Pracharath wins popular vote

Krit Urwongse, deputy secretary-general of the Election Commission, shows the raw data of the March 24 election released on Thursday. (Photo by Tawatchai Kemgumnerd)

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With 100% of ballots counted, the Palang Pracharath Party has won the popular vote, with 8.4 million compared to 7.9 million for Pheu Thai, on a turnout of 75%, the Election Commission announced on Thursday.

The EC released the total number of votes for each party at 3pm, a day earlier than previously announced.

According to the EC, the statistics were from a 100% vote count, but have not been endorsed yet.

The data showed increases of around 500,000 votes for both PPRP and Pheu Thai from the data at a 94% count, which stood at 7.9 million and 7.4 million respectively,  

According to the EC, 38.3 million people voted on Sunday, up from 33 million in earlier reports. The figure translated into a turnout of 74.69%.

Of the 38.3 million ballots, 36.5 million (92.8%) were valid. Vote-no ballots totalled 605,392, or 1.6%.   

A total of 186 complaints were filed as of Thursday, it said.

The 10 parties with the most votes are: Palang Pracharath (8.43 million) winning the popular vote, Pheu Thai (7.92 million), Future Forward (6.26 million), Democrat (3.95 million), Bhumjaithai (3.73 million), Thai Liberal 826,517, Chartthaipattana (782,030), New Economics (485,660), Prachachat (485,436) and Puea Chat (419,388).

Six parties led by Pheu Thai announced an intention to form a coalition on Wednesday. Based on their votes released on Thursday, the coalition will have 253 votes in the House, slightly less than the 255 anticipated earlier.

On discrepancies between the number of good ballots and total votes of all parties at some polling stations, Krit Urwongse, deputy secretary-general of the Election Commission, said they could be some mistakes in the counting but they should not affect total votes each party got.

Sudarat Keyuraphan, a PM candidate of Pheu Thai, questioned the 4.5-million difference in the numbers of votes reported by the EC.


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