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Kyuhyun says goodbye

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Cho Kyuhyun is one of the three main singers from top K-pop group Super Junior. As well as being a great singer, the 29-year-old has several other notable talents. He is the witty host of the high rating show, Radio Star and has had major roles in several successful musicals, such as Singin' in the Rain and Mozart!

This year, the entertainer takes a break from showbiz in order to do his military service. Before that begins, however, he took the time to provide a proper goodbye to his Thai fans at Kyuhyun Solo Concert: Reminiscence of a Novelist in Bangkok on March 19 at ThunderDome. The day before the show, he held a press conference at The EmQuartier where he also gave out autographs to 150 lucky fans who purchased his latest EP, Waiting, Still.

Here is what the singer had to say to the press and his fan club, E.L.F.

What will the highlight of the show be?

Kyuhyun: There’ll be a lot of slow songs. But I know that my Thai fans enjoy my upbeat tracks, so I’ve prepared some of those as well.

Why did you decide to release the song "Blah Blah" in Thai?

Kyuhyun: Thai fans have always given me so much support, so I wanted to repay their love. I had a discussion with SM Entertainment for two years about how to do something in Thai. Eventually, we came up with “Blah Blah.”

Was it difficult to sing in Thai?

Kyuhyun: At first, I was worried about pronouncing the words correctly and having a natural rhythm in the melody. But, because I’ve been in Thailand so often, the language actually felt quite familiar. It wasn’t as difficult as I expected.

What was it like to work with lyricist Stamp Apiwat on “Blah Blah”?

Kyuhyun: I was impressed with him. I heard that he’s a prominent singer here, but he treated me with kindness and respect. He’s very encouraging.

How have you managed to maintain such a devoted following for 11 years?

Kyuhyun: I’m not sure why Thai E.L.F. love me so much. They’re awesome. They’ve been behind me from day one. Even though I’m getting old, they still show me as much love as they did at the beginning. I’m so grateful. I’m determined to work hard to keep showing my appreciation.

Do you have any message for the fans?

Kyuhyun: I didn’t expect to see so many of them! I thought there would only be a few reporters. It reminds me how special Thai E.L.F. are. I really appreciate it. I can’t say when I’ll come back to Thailand again, but please wait for me. I believe in you.


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