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CNBLUE wow Bangkok

Photos courtesy of IME Thailand

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CNBLUE recently treated their audience to an epic set of 23 songs over three hours.

The recent CNBLUE concert at Impact Arena was one of the best shows of the year.

Ever since the release of their Bluetory in 2010, CNBLUE have maintained a huge following worldwide. To keep their sound up-to-date, the four-piece always add new elements to their music. On their latest album 7°CN, the track “Between Us” includes electronic sounds, while “Royal Rumble” sees the guys experiment with synth-pop.


Their set was diverse and well arranged, starting off light and then increasing in intensity before the guys played out with a number of acoustic tunes. They kept the crowd excited throughout and due to their experience and professionalism, they were well able to deal with any unexpected incidents. Jong-hyun had a problem with his guitar and had to change it, but his ability to sing his parts smoothly was unaffected.


Nobody did more to make it a special night than leader Yong-hwa. He wowed everybody with his guitar playing, showed his range of skills by playing keyboard and went right to the front of the stage to engage with the crowd. Yong-hwa made everybody in the crowd feel really special when he asked whether they were humans or angels.

The highlight of the show came when the band performed “Wake Up.” Yong-hwa and Jong-hyun showed off their guitar skills. Then Yong-hwa led the crowd in chants of “Wake up! Wake up!” and ran around laughing hysterically before saying that he wasn’t crazy.


The final part of the show was acoustic. All four members went to the front of the stage to sing “Manito.” Yong-hwa then sang “I love you” to the fans before they ended the show with “Young Forever.” It was a fantastic night and everybody was sad to leave but Yong-hwa promised that CNBLUE would come back to Bangkok again.


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