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Star rises to the top

Some stars take time to make their breakthrough. Jaron Sorat (Top) started his acting career in 2012, but at first, nobody paid him much attention. Then he landed the role of the brave servant Kla in the 2016 historical action drama Chaat Payak (Tiger). The show was a hit and his career finally took off.

Earlier this year, Top starred as forestry officer Issara in the TV drama My Hero: Lom Prai Pook Rak (My Hero: Winds of Love). The actor was praised for his natural performance and his chemistry with the rest of the cast. Currently, he’s starring in two supernatural dramas for Channel 3 - Nang Bab (The Sinner) and the upcoming Tukta Pi (Ghost Doll).

Ahead of the finale of The Sinner on September 16, S Weekly met up with the 30-year-old actor to talk about his career.

How did you prepare for the role of Issara in My Hero?

Top: I approached it the same way I approach all my roles. I did a bit of research to find out more about forestry. I bought a book about conservationist Seub Nakhasathien and talked with forestry officers. The information gave me ideas to develop the character’s background. I also have to thank my acting coaches for helping me play Issara convincingly. The character lets viewers see another side of me.

Did you take any singing lessons before recording “Nok Jak Thoe (Apart From You)” for the My Hero soundtrack?

Top: No, but I always hoped I’d get the chance to sing, so I was very happy about it. It took me three hours to record. The sound engineer probably had to work really hard on it. [Laughs.]

Can you tell us about your characters in The Sinner and Ghost Doll?

Top: Phan in The Sinner is artistic and thoughtful. He has some complex ideas, which I had to express clearly to viewers. Atirut in Ghost Doll is a typical nice guy. I enjoyed playing him when he gets possessed by a ghost because he becomes totally different.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Top: Yes. I’m afraid of ghosts. But I’ve never seen one.

Did you experience anything suspicious while filming The Sinner or Ghost Doll?

Top: I didn’t, but a crew member on Ghost Doll said she caught a glimpse of an old lady in a house where we were filming. But the maid said that the grandmother of the house had passed away.

Was there anything scary about the locations?

Top: For The Sinner, we filmed at a creepy old villa. There was a huge tree in the garden. The way that the tree was lit up and the shadows it cast created an eerie atmosphere.

You once hosted Seesan Buntherng. Would you like to do it again?

Top: No. The host of a preview show has to remember the script as well as entertain the viewers. It’s difficult. I’m not good at it. But I’d be interested in hosting a talk show.

You like running. What do you enjoy about it?

Top: I like to do things alone. I used to play basketball with friends, but then I became too busy. So I decided to run. It helps me to concentrate. I can come up with solutions to problems while running. I plan to run a marathon next year.


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