Six for success

From left: Donghyun, Woojin, Daehwi, Jeon Woong and Young-min

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AB6IX meet Thai fans

K-pop rookie groups always receive a warm welcome from Thai fans when they visit Thailand, and boy band AB6IX was no exception. On August 31, they visited the kingdom for the event — AB6IX 1st Fan Meeting: 1st ABNEW in Bangkok at Impact Muang Thong Thani. The group comprises of four former participants of the popular TV singing competition show Produce 101 — Lim Youngmin, 23, Kim Donghyun, 20, Park Woojin, 19 and Lee Daehwi, 18. The 21-year-old Jeon Woong was the final member to join the group.

Their label Brand New Music explained that AB6IX refers to "absolute six" and six means the five members and their fan club, ABNEW. The boys impressed the fans with their music talent.   

The guys wrote the lyrics and music arrangements for their debut album, B:Complete. The youngest Daehwi also produced songs for other performers such as IzOne, MXM, Yoon Jisung and Park Jihoon. 

On the five track album B:Complete, fans are familiar with “Hollywood” (co-written and co-produced by Daehwi) the most since the members performed the song for their first evaluation on Produce 101. But the deep house single "Breathe" is the most popular track. This chart-topping song is catchy and pleasant to listen to and watch due to smooth singing and easy to remember dance moves. 

A couple of hours before the guys hit the stage, they met up with Thai press. Here are some highlights at the interview. 

What did you prepare for Thai fans?

Daehwi: Thailand is a land of smiles, so we prepared a lot of smiles for our fans, ABNEW.

Can you tell us more about your working atmosphere and the album B:Complete?

Woojin: Our working atmosphere was great. When we wrote each song, we added ideas from members into it.

Jeon Woong: I particularly recommend the song, "Dance for Two" because our singing was in harmony on the song. 

What was the inspiration for the song, "Breath"?

Daehwi: Many problems in the world including pollution make people frustrated. We created a song which people can feel relieved after listening to it.

Daehwi, Can you tell us more about your online drama Mon Chou Chou Global House?

Daehwi: We just finished filming it. The drama is about relationships of people who come from different places and have different cultures, but they finally get along. The drama will be online on October. Please watch it.    

You also wrote songs for other artists. How do you start to write a song for others?

Daehwi: Before I create a song for an artist, I have to understand his or her personality and perspective. I feel great whenever other performers sing the songs I wrote. I hope I can work with other performers in the future. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Daehwi: My priority is to meet my friends because I haven't seen my friends for a long time. I like to hang out and drink coffee.

Young-min: I’d like to tour Thailand with my friends, especially at Khao San Road.

What would you like to do in the future?

Young-min: We would like to have opportunities to meet more international fans. We wish we can have concerts and perform for ABNEW overseas.   


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