Devil inside

Photo courtesy of Sahamongkol Film International

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A new Korean horror is out to scare you

Metamorphosis is a blockbuster horror film from South Korea, directed by Kim Hong-Sun. Kang-gu (Sung Dong-Il), his wife Myung-joo (Jang Young-nam) and their three children move into a new house and experience eerie and unexplained incidents. When a devil can morph into a human being, invade a family and create doubt and suspicion among them, it is scary and dangerous. 

Looking for a help, the oldest child Sun-Woo calls her uncle who is a priest. However, he is reluctant to do so because he failed an exorcism in the past and caused the death of a young girl. 

Will he perform one last exorcism for the sake of his family? Find out today at cinemas near you now!


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