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School cheats students, students cheat back

The hit 2017 movie Bad Genius has been remade as a TV drama, hitting small screens on August 3. 

Plernpichaya Gomalarajun plays smart student Lin who always has been received scholarships from schools. Lin realises that her parents had to pay tea money to the school for them her be accepted to study. She thinks it’s fair to cheat on exams and make some money in return.

Lin’s best friend Grace (Sawanya Paisarnpayak) isn't good at studying. Grace needs to keep her GPA higher than 3.25. To help her best friend, Lin sends some exam answers to Grace.

Grace’s boyfriend Pat (Paris Intarakomalyasut) is the rich heir to a hotel business whose father has high expectations for his scores. To fulfill his father's dream, Pat hires Lin to help him in an exam. From an exam in their school, they plan to cheat on national and international levels. However, to achieve their goal, they need nerdy genius Bank (Jinjett Wattanasin) to join them. 

Bad Genius The Series begins on August 3 on Channel One 31 at 8:15 pm and will be available online on WeTV application at 10:30 pm.


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