Learning to become an interpreter, an online course for Thai speakers

This is one of the first interpreter workshops I taught in America before I started my online courses.

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If you are a Thai or Lao speaker, there is now an online course that could lead to some good work assignments as an interpreter or translator.

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Note: "The interpreter course is valuable for Thais overseas and Thais working within Thailand. The lessons cover interpretation skill development for Thai to English and English to Thai. Foreigners have also been signing up for our courses to improve their spoken Thai language skills "

The First Online Interpretation and Translation Course for Thai Speakers

Benjawan Poomsan

Paiboon Language Academy

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Two decades ago I became the first Thai and Lao interpreter to be registered with the Judicial Council of California. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both legal and medical interpretation for Thai and Lao people in Northern California, predominantly around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over the past few years, a large number of Thai people have been coming to live in the US, and the need for qualified Thai and Lao interpreters has increased dramatically. I am now so busy with assignments that I have to decline many job offers. To work as an interpreter in the courts, or other legal settings, such as in depositions, or at complicated medical procedures, interpreters must pass a rigorous examination.

Many people who are interested in becoming interpreters seek my advice and request that I tutor and mentor them to become interpreters. With social media, I now receive requests from all over the world.

I’m not able to teach and conduct workshops at all the different places I’ve been invited to, so I decided to team up with my fellow interpreters, who are also highly qualified, to start an online interpretation and translation course. Now anyone with the desire to study to become an interpreter can do so using their mobile device.

The course also provides structured lessons for Thai people to improve their English language skills. Students should notice an increase in their English communication skills by studying our English lessons, even if they don’t necessarily want to become interpreters.

Here is a Paiboon Language Academy video of a specialised type of intrepretation at a doctor's office. Lots of good vocabulary on aches and pains.

I set the price for the interpretation and translation course to make it affordable to almost anyone. Other courses for interpretation that are currently available appear to be much more expensive and out of reach for most people. Some online courses for interpreters do exist, but they are not designed specifically for Thai people. And many of the interpreting courses for Thai people are taught in universities and are not available to the majority of the general public.

It’s very easy to study from us on your mobile device. You only need a Facebook account and email address. When you sign up we add you to our special Facebook group and you receive links, via emails, to see the video lessons and materials. You can study or review the lessons at your convenience. It’s like having your private tutors with you all the time, and the new way of learning!

One of my published books.

Most people don’t realise that it is not required to go to a special interpretation school to become an interpreter. If you have the required skills and can interpret well, you can work as an interpreter. For example, if you’re an engineer, you can choose to specialise in interpreting in technical or manufacturing situations. A nurse might do medical interpretation.

Over the years I have personally helped dozens of people in the US become professional interpreters. They no longer have to work in Thai restaurants, or traditional Thai massage shops. Now I am able to assist online students from Europe, Australia and Thailand.

For those who are not ready to study to become interpreters, but want to improve their English to a higher level, they can enroll in our General English course, which is appropriate for students of all levels. Interpreter students get to learn our General English course materials for free, since it is included with the interpreter course. You can get more information, or enroll at our website at or contact us for more information at


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