Thinking in English

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Short activities to help you get the right pictures in your mind when you speak or write English.

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Thinking in English

1. When someone says "chicken", what picture should come into your mind?

2. "Soap" is considered to be an uncountable noun, probably because it begins like the picture on the left. But how do we count the soap that we use when we take a bath?

a. in slices
b. in capsules
c. in loaves
d. in bars..

3. We consider "rice" to be an uncountable noun because we usually picture a large amount of it in our minds. But we can count rice by putting it in bags, bowls, plates, etc. We can also count it ________ ___ ________ but that usually takes too long so we don't.a. piece by piece
a. piece by piece
b. granule by granule
c. grain by grain
d. drop by drop

4. Which sentence do (เจ้าของภาษา) native English speakers use here?

a. I don't know where he is.
b. I don't know where is he.
c. I don't know he is where.

5. This needs one correction. Can you make it?

6. Which short sentence below will your teacher mark as being grammatically incorrect (ผิด)?

Answers:  1. B  2. d  3. c  4. a  5. Please listen to me. 6. d


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