VIDEO: Before the rain

Video by Gary Boyle

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Cambodia's floating villages and Tonlé Sap Lake are worth visiting even in the dry season

Imagine that the bottom half of your home is underwater for part of the year. In the dry season, you can cycle to school, but in the rainy season, you have to row a boat to class.

For many people living in the floating villages of Cambodia's Tonlé Sap lake, this drastic change between seasons is a normal part of life.

Bangkok Post Learning recently took a trip to Cambodia and filmed a video of the beautiful lake and its village life.

For teachers or learners, some questions about the video are below.

1. What is the name of the first village?

2. What is So Thea Ra's job?

3. What happens to the boats in the dry season?

4. How much does it cost to hire a boat?

5. Why did the boat get stuck in the mud?

6. At what part of the day did the boat return to the village?


1. Kampong Khleang 2. English teacher 3. The are kept on land and are fixed or repaired 4. $30USD

5. The water was too shallow 6. Dusk


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