Khao San sex-toy scene interrupted

Locals concerned over image

The pictures shared on social media show the props of the controversial filmmaking crew on Khao San Road, Bangkok, on Wednesday.

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Bangkok police have taken legal action against a Pattaya-based film company for putting up a stall selling sex toys for filming purposes on Khao San Road, following complaints from local businesses.

The Metropolitan Police Division 1 said that representatives of the company arrived at the Chanasongkram police station on Wednesday morning to seek permission for the shooting of the Indian film Happy Bhag Jayegi Return on Khao San Road between 7am and 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

The station gave permission because the company promised that the film would promote a positive image of Thailand. The project had already received the green light from the Tourism Department.

On Wednesday morning, the crew had women wear swimsuits and placed stalls of swimsuits and adult toy signs on the road. After being reported, local police halted shooting.

A video clip and many pictures of the actresses and materials were shared on social media.

Police charged the crew and film producer with causing public embarrassment and untidiness, blocking a road and showing pornographic materials. They are liable to a jail term of up to three years and/or a fine of up to 60,000 baht.

The Metropolitan Police Division 1 quoted actresses as saying that the scene was supposed to take place in China, with no mention of Khao San Road. Pictures shared on social media do indeed show the signs to be in Chinese.

Indo Bangkok Films Co is based in Pattaya City and serves Indian clients.

The film is the sequel to Happy Bhag Jayegi, a 2016 comic-caper, and stars the popular Indian actresses Sonakshi Sinha and Diana Penty.


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