Army officer accused of barbaric treatment of two dogs

The two dogs, tied together and left out in the sun at a military camp in Lop Buri for six hours on Monday. (Photo from @watchdogthailandpage Facebook account)

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An animal rights group is calling for an investigation into the case of two dogs allegedly tortured by an army officer at a military camp and then left to die.

The Watchdog Thailand Facebook account on Thursday posted photos of two dogs that were tied together, dumped in a parking lot and left lying under the hot sun. It said the photos were taken on Dec 31 at a military base in Lop Buri province.


The animal rights group claimed that low ranking soldiers had told them they were ordered by a senior officer to catch the two dogs, tie them and leave them to suffer in the heat for about six hours. The dehydrated, distressed animals were later left at a roadside dump outside the camp, according to Watchdog Thailand.

The officer involved was upset when they confronted him while he was riding a bicycle outside the camp later that day. His name and the base camp were not disclosed.

The animal rights group said it was working with volunteers in the province to nurse the two dogs back to health.


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