VIDEO: Siam Smackdown

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Bangkok's Roller Derby team take on Hong Kong

Did you know that Bangkok has its own roller derby team? The team recently held an event at Emporium, Bangkok where they took on a team from Hong Kong. The game was fast and furious fun. To find out more about the sport, and to get the final score, watch this video! To find out more about the team, check out their Facebook page here.

For teachers or learners, a transcript of the video is below.



“Ess Jay,” President/Manager, Bangkok Roller Derby

This is a really big event for us. It’s called Siam Smackdown. Basically it’s Bangkok Roller Derby playing together as one team for the very first time.


Basically points are scored when the jammer gets through the pack of the opposing team’s blockers the second time. So the initial pass – they get through – they’re not scoring any points yet. The second pass – they get through – they score points for each blocker that they pass.


“Mae Dae,” Head Coach, Bangkok Roller Derby

So at the moment we just have the one team in Thailand which is the team here in Bangkok. But we have started conversations with the Roller Derby World Cup which is kind of the equivalent of the Roller Derby Olympics which happens every three or four years, and we’ve been approved to start recruiting for Team Thailand.


There’s hitting, there’s pushing, it’s about agility and endurance and all of that.


“River Rapture,” Bench Coach

- It’s half-time, right?


- Is your team winning or losing?

Our team is getting our butts kicked.

- What is your plan for the second half?

Our plan is survival. Just not getting hurt, making sure everyone gets rested and that they have fun.


You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Send us a message, let us know you’re interested in coming. Bangkok Roller Derby and roller derby in general is a sport that is great for anyone, no matter what size you are, no matter what gender. There’s a place for you in roller derby.


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