It's a whitewash!

'10 Places In Tokyo'. Photo: Nut Sawasdee

Art Matters this month begins with words of congratulations to Speedy Grandma which just celebrated its fourth anniversary this past weekend. After closing down for several months because, according to co-founder Lee Anantawat, "we were just bored and tired", the gallery in Charoen Krung 28 is now back and it's just, well, as fun and slightly dingy as before.

Lee said that visitors will get to see pretty much the same stuff as before. She's not so sure how much the space can contribute to the art scene in general but just hopes that it can survive as long as 10 years.

Who else is going to last as long as 10 years? It's still early days for Bangkok CityCity Gallery which turned one earlier this month, but things are looking good. After great success with director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit's show, the whitewashed space continues to surprise us with its range of projects, the latest being "Chat Room", Grisnana Eimeakamol's project that invites the public to send in their thoughts and criticisms on the current state of the Thai design scene. He then printed all these comments and plastered them all over the walls.

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