Seeing the invisible

Didier Mayhew's depictions of Nepal's impoverished are rich in empathy

Visitors viewing 'In Nowhere Land' at the Kathmandu Photo Gallery. Photos: Apipar Norapoompipat

Dishevelled boys having a heated conversation over a small campfire, a lonesome child pulling a makeshift toy on a littered camp ground, and the teardrops of a crying girl who has had an extra-strenuous day. Every day, we are bombarded with photographs of poverty -- but not every day do we get to see it through the eyes of someone who truly cares.

"Her name is Sadina," said Didier Mayhew of the photo of the crying child. "She's the oldest of the family. She takes care of her brothers. She does her daily chores. Sometimes she's very joyful. But sometimes life is more difficult, and this was a difficult day for her. She felt very lonely -- discouraged. It was a silent moment."

Running until April 29th, the Kathmandu Photo Gallery's latest exhibition "In Nowhere Land" by Nepal-based French-English photographer Didier Mayhew documents the lives of the overlooked and marginalised in Nepal.

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