Intensity-free performance art

In Sand Castle Party, theatre groups' beach trip is an act of rebellion in disguise

A performance can sometimes feel like a celebration or a smashing party where friends revel in each other's presence, acquaintances deepen their bonds and strangers plunge into engaging conversations with one another. As a gathering, OTW Theatre and For What Theatre's Sand Castle Party: A Journey Performance succeeded.

The 12 performers and their fellow travellers boarded the train at the Hua Lamphong station at around six in the morning on Saturday. We had the entire third-class bogey to ourselves, which means no AC, just overhead fans and open windows. Food was passed around, strangers were introduced. Conversations swirled, selfies were snapped, songs were sung and a group of people started a role-playing game.

The train was heading south towards Suan Son Pradiphat Railway Halt in Hua Hin. The station is a few steps away from the beach, where the bulk of this "journey performance" took place.

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