Contrasting art styles showcased

Temple On A Starry Night by Sittivut Yavichai. Thavibu Gallery

Thavibu Art Gallery presents "Fluidity", an art exhibition of two remarkably different styles of talented artists who share one thing in common, from Saturday to Oct 31.

The exhibition will showcase 18 art pieces by established painter Santi Thongsuk and emerging mosaic artist Sittivut Yavichai, who encourage the audience to investigate the dynamics of fluidity in their art. Reputed for his figurative paintings with some surrealism in the content, Santi's eight oil-on-canvas paintings depict the human body as an agent of fluid movement through a highly developed kinaesthetic awareness involving strength, mobility and coordination. His paintings focus on the beauty of form and fluidity.

The 28-year-old Sittivut brings together his artistic talent and inspirations, amalgamating beautiful mosaic art exploding in fluidity, reflections and narrative. The unique architecture of traditional Thai temples with their colourful structures and intricate details are a recurring theme in his art. Executed on wooden board and aluminium sheet, his mosaic art of reflective coloured glass is inspired by his deep interest of the phenomena of light-reflection, architectural edifice, and nature, particularly trees. His artworks project a different feel and interpretation for the onlooker, depending on the lighting and angle from which it's viewed.

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