Thai life at the Prague Quadrennial

Same Same But Different. Photo Courtersy of Ureerat Chareontoh, Thai Ambassador to the Czech Republic

Thailand is currently making its debut at this year's Prague Quadrennial Of Performance Design And Space (PQ), a multimedia event that brings together more than 800 artists from around the world to exhibit and perform at the Prague Exhibition Grounds in Prague, the Czech Republic, which concludes on Sunday.

The "Same Same But Different" art exhibition by Thai curator Nattaporn Thapparat is among a host of exhibitions and performances by artists from over 70 countries at PQ 2019, the 14th edition of this major art festival, one of the Czech Republic's and Europe's most important. Under PQ 2019's theme of "Imagination, Transformation And Memory", "Same Same But Different" focuses on Thai attitudes towards society, art, culture and belief through the eyes of theatre practitioners, artists and designers together with the wider community, interpreting everyday life into art.

The exhibition features an interactive presentation by performing artist Nikorn Sae Tang, who creates a scene of laundry being done by hand in a shared space, a common sight throughout the country. Some 500 T-shirts are used as canvases to showcase various art forms, including theatre and design. The exhibition reflects a shared space among artists and designers. Visitors are invited to share their experiences as well.

The Prague Quadrennial, which began in 1967, is a showcase for the very best in cultural achievement. Every four years, the event honours and celebrates designers, artists and architects from around the world, while inspiring and educating professionals and the general public.



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