Three days in May

Dunkirk by Joshua Levine William Collins 356pp Available at Asia Books and leading bookshops 350 baht

Hitler learned a lesson from his unsuccessful Munich putsch of 1924 -- that weapons are legal only in the hands of the government. He spent the next decade getting into the national government. After that Germany built weapons at breakneck speed.

A corporal-messenger during WWI, with no officer training, he was no tactical or strategic genius. (Through he was convinced he was.) He was a pathological liar and a consummate bluffer, with the instinct for knowing that the other fellow would fold.

His war machine was no bluff, however. Panzers, fighters and bombers rolled off the assembly lines, while the rest of the world still had a First World War mindset. At the outset of World War II, the UK wasn't anywhere as prepared. Even less so the US.

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