Good mental health begins in the home

Creating a caring, nurturing environment for your newborn and toddler is the first step to protecting the child from mental illness as an adult, a leading paediatrician says

happy little girl hold parents hands and smiling . isolated on white background Life_Health 14-02-2017 Photographer: Tom Wang

A teenage girl from Chachoengsao was caught red-handed late last year by a security guard after stealing a bar of chocolate in a shopping mall. Instead of expressing guilt, the girl showed verbal aggressiveness against the guard, which shocked people who witnessed the scene. The clip of the girl's behaviour eventually went viral.

This is just among many incidents of youth aggressiveness and behavioural problems seen through social media. Many cases certainly have been left unreported. Certain behavioural patterns, unfortunately, can eventually develop into a mental disorder if left undetected as the child matures, according to Dr Nanthakorn Eu-ahsunthornwattana, a developmental and behavioural paediatrician. However, there is hope.

Dr Nanthakorn said the good news is that there are a couple of common behavioural patterns from infancy to three-years-old that, if detected in the early stages, can set the child on the road to recovery before they reach adulthood.

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