An invisible disease

Annual check-up and screenings could thwart glaucoma's progression, says eye specialist

Nicknamed "the silent thief of sight", glaucoma gradually and painlessly robs patients of their ability to see. With no early warning signs, the eye disease is in fact preventable only by means of a comprehensive eye examination.

Speaking to mark the World Glaucoma Week -- observed annually from March 12 to 18 -- Assoc Prof Dr Manchima Makornwattana of the Thai Glaucoma Society encourages people aged above 40 to screen for glaucoma at least once a year.

"That's the message that not just the Thai Glaucoma Society but also the World Glaucoma Association always want to emphasise. Eye health is something we often overlook. As long as we can still see things, we think there's no problem. There is also a misconception that eye diseases only attack old people. We are wrong," said Dr Manchima, glaucoma and cataract specialist and also CEO of Ruxta Eye Centre.

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