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Biologique Recherche treatment helps you beat the smog

Biologique Recherche massage technique.

As pollutants take their toll on our skin, Biologique Recherche (BR) encourages urbanites to step up detoxification through an intensive oxygenating treatment and skincare regime. Last year, the Paris-based company upgraded its anti-pollution skincare range for home use. This is now complemented by Soin Oxygenant VIP O2 facial treatment, launched in collaboration with Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.

The skin-oxygenating treatment was developed especially for those living in cities with high levels of pollution, so its debut at Anantara Spa has great relevance during Bangkok's haze crisis. The luxurious spa offers five other BR professional facials, all of which begin with an assessment to identify each individual's changing "skin instant".

Dr Stefan Lipp. Photo © Biologique Recherche

"Most other brands would [put you in a box] as having oily, dry, normal or sensitive skin," explained Dr Stefan Lipp. "Skin condition, however, can change throughout the day, month, season and during the course of a lifetime. Assessing the 'skin instant' each time you come to the spa is the key to the success of the treatment."

A guest speaker at BR's launch in Bangkok, Dr Lipp acknowledged the city's pollution crisis, which can pose different problems for the skin. "The problem will depend on the type of pollutant and an individual's skin condition. In the long term, it can cause irritation, redness and sensitivity, and make the skin oily or dry," the aesthetic practitioner said.

Other external factors include climate, temperature, air conditioning and tobacco, while internal factors, such as stress, sexual hormones, hygiene and age, all influence the skin instant. The Soin Oxygenant VIP O2 treatment aims to detoxify, oxygenate and restore the natural balance of the skin through formulas containing BR Oxygenating Complex and specific massage movements.

The French brand is notable for its manual techniques designed by physiotherapist Josette Allouche, who, along with her biologist-husband Yvan Allouche, founded BR in 1978. Dr Philippe Allouche continues his parents' legacy and adds his expertise in internal medicine to develop skincare products and spa treatments such as the latest Soin Oxygenant VIP O2 facial.

VIP O2 skin and hair collection.

The one-hour session (5,300 baht) involves several steps and products while calming spa-goers through acupressure and tension-releasing massage. Deep cleansing with Lait VIP O2 using a special glove, followed by exfoliating with Lotion P50, get the skin "breathing" after being exposed to pollutants. The process also open pores and primes the skin for oxygenation. For this step, the foaming Booster VIP O2 is meticulously massaged onto the skin, using the glove and varying techniques for different parts of the face to purify the skin as well as provide brightening and lifting effects.

"We need to catch and chelate pollutants so that they can be digested and removed by the body," Dr Lipp said, explaining the basis of the detox. Application of a refreshing mask, followed by targeted serum, cream and finishing serum then rounds off the spa treatment.

Daily detox is recommended with at home use of VIP O2 oxygenating and anti-pollution collection, which includes a shampoo. "The shampoo is actually one of the most important products," Dr Lipp added. "Pollutants accumulate in the hair and need to be washed off every night, otherwise, when you sleep, they will fall on the pillow -- where people tend to rub their faces -- and stick to the skin." Besides shampooing, he advises changing the pillow every day before taking a beauty sleep.

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