Rise and dine

There are several ways to savour and customise your first meal of the day

Research dictates that human beings have to eat in the morning to get fuel for the day. It's clear that breakfast is important and we shouldn't skip it. The time we spend sleeping overnight is time spent without nutritional intake. If you omit the first meal of the day, you might feel more weakened and, in the worst of scenarios, prone to sickness.

People with demanding urban lives could argue that they simply don't have the time to make and eat a proper breakfast. When they're bracing themselves to battle heavy traffic on the way to work, a cup of coffee is about as much as they can manage. In this case, making it to the office on time takes priority over fostering healthy habits.

How can we treat ourselves to a great breakfast and beat the clock at the same time? How can we make our first meal of the day less time-consuming, less of an inconvenience and more of a pleasure?

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