Your horoscope for 7-13 July

Spot-on horoscope for work, money, coupled & single life from famously accurate Guru's fortuneteller. Let's see how would you fare this week & beyond!

Note: is for work, is for money, is for coupled life and is for single life


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Expect some disruptions at work that will be caused by petty issues (or people). However, you'll manage to stay calm and collected.

Your household expenses may increase. You're likely to spend more money on attending parties and social functions. What you lost may be returned.

Expect some small fights. They'll actually bring you closer to one another. Estranged couples will become close again.

You'll meet new and existing admirers. If you plan to date them over the same period of time, you'll be able to do so.


Apr 20 – May 20

You may be assigned a duty no one else wants to take on. However, you'll be able to pull it off and the boss may reward you for it.

Spend your money with more care as there are many bills coming your way. Say no when someone asks you to be their guarantor.

Lovers support each other in whatever they do. A misunderstanding will be resolved amicably.

You may get to go out with a moneybag or someone with sharp business acumen. Lucky you.


May 21 – Jun 20

You have a full plate and then some more but manage to get everything done. Your relationship with colleagues and clients improves. People in your office communicate better and help each other more.

You may spend a lot of money on car repairs or travelling but you won't have any trouble paying other bills. A gift from a friend that you haven't met for a long time is expected.

Lovers who have to live far away from one another will get to be close again.

Your admirer is likely to be someone who comes from a different nationality and/or religious background.


Jun 21 – Jul 22

If you wish to be reassigned a new role in your company, your boss may grant it. If you decide to work and study, you'll be surprised by how well you can manage your time. A mediator may step in to resolve a protracted issue.

Money comes and goes. You may incur some unnecessary debt. Don't spend money to impress people.

Lovers bicker and banter in moderation. Deep down you love each other very much.

You may realise you have feelings for someone whom you first disliked. Opposites attract.


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Expect some interruptions at work. A business negotiation may be interrupted due to poor communication. Your competition may resort to a dirty tactic to discredit your reputation or product(s).

Your investment yields disappointing returns. What you lent to someone may be returned broken or in a shabby condition.

There are ups and downs in your relationship. Some couples may decide to go separate ways before things get uglier. Some things can't be salvaged.

You live and breathe work. You simply don't have time to even open Tinder.


Aug 23 - Sep 22

Your relationship with colleagues improves. Everyone work in a better sync. A masterpiece will be made. You're very good at business negotiations, especially with foreigners.

Satisfying returns from your investment can be expected. Fortune awaits you in a foreign land. A dispute over money will be resolved.

Lovers discuss wedding plans, moving in together or starting a business together. You two are getting serious.

You may meet someone hot through work. Be discreet in approaching them as you don't want to come across as unprofessional.


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Everyone is confident in your ability and you'll be asked to take on more tasks. However, the heavy workload doesn't affect the quality of your work.

A sum you've been waiting for finally arrives. Your debtor pays back some of what they owe you.

Work keeps you two apart and busy. You may meet someone who's better than your current love through work.

You may be involved with someone already married. If you don't mind being the secret side person, then this may be the start of a long-term affair.


Oct 23 – Nov 21

You have a full plate and some more. Get things done one by one and don't panic. Those who try to discredit you or steal your position will go away.

Speak wisely and you shall receive more dough. Speaking out of turn will lead to the opposite effect.

Small fights may occur but they actually bring you two closer emotionally. They may also lead to more make-up you-know-what. If you don't get it, you're likely to be a virgin.

You don't want to commit yourself to anyone right now. Unattached adult fun may happen but don't be too risqué and take it outdoors, unless you want to go viral in a really bad way.


Nov 22 – Dec 21

You may be assigned to more tasks or face more challenges. However, everything will be alright in the end. You'll be happy with the outcome of your exam.

People who owe you money for your work finally pay up. Your debtor may pay back some of the sum they owe you too. You may win a lawsuit and receive some compensation.

What was uncertain between you two becomes clear. This either results in you two being closer or breaking up for good. Either way, it'll be best for you both.

Confess your attraction to your crush and you'll be pleasantly surprised. You're hotter than you give yourself credit for.


Dec 22 – Jan 19

You may have to work alongside someone you dislike. However, you work more effectively with them more than you do with colleagues whom you're friendly with.

You may fall behind in your saving goals. A friend may borrow something very valuable and you'll never hear from them again.

You two make up and break up quite a lot. However, your relationship is likely to remain intact for months to come.

Several admirers are on the cards. You enjoy the attention and may have innocent dates with them.


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Work may be delayed due to an equipment malfunction or an accident in the workplace. Injury from chemicals or a sharp object is possible. The boss may ask you to put your new ideas on hold.

You may need to tap into your savings to pay for something unexpected. Brace yourself for a headache involved in dealings with an insurance company.

Lovers are so busy with work but their love remains strong.

You're obsessed with someone unattainable but you look straight past those who really like you. Some things were not meant to be.


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Everything goes according to your plan. The boss is happy with your output and will consider you for the next promotion.

What you lost or lent to someone will be returned. Someone younger brings you a small fortune.

There is an issue of jealousy between you two. You two don't trust each other.

Ladies, you may lose a potential beau but gain a good Judy instead. This is better for both of you in the long run.


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