A night to remember, a night for remembering

Moderndog at 22, still raucous and relevant

Photos © Live Nation BEC-Tero

This isn't a trip dripping with nostalgia. This is an arcade of fire, of mainstream grunge, power chords and roaring vocals, of soul-refeshing ballads and eye-opening musicianship, and it all sounds as relevant, as transformative, as ever.

Moderndog 22, the big gig celebrating the 22nd anniversary of one of Thailand's seminal rock bands, beckoned the indie kids of the 90s to throng Impact Arena on Saturday -- those who must have heard the band when they first broke out in the euphoria of 1994, with the economic bubble here and the smells-like-Cobain spirit everywhere else. Those who were once in their 20s and who're now 40-something and older, those who must have once let the music possess them to perform the shamanic, loose-limbed jumping popularised by Moderndog's talismanic frontman Thanachai "Pod" Ujjin.

Thanachai, the flyweight enchanter, embraced the adulation of the crowd and acknowledged the passage of time. He danced, jumped, belted, barked, screamed and hung his full-bodied voice above the punkish fuzz of the rousing music. He then joked, self-deprecatingly, that it wasn't the same as when he tore the stage apart like a tiger in his 20s. "Being in your mid-40s is different," he laughed. We laughed, too, because we understood what he meant.

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