Beaming a light on human absurdity

Parnrut Kritchanchai's play is full of colourful characters and beautiful moments, but ultimately sacrifices poignancy for laughs

Photos courtesy of New Theatre Society

The latest adaptation effort by playwright-director Parnrut Kritchanchai revolves around the Moon, or rather, around five lonesome souls one Full-Moon night. It is also Parnrut's continued exploration of the melodrama genre in all its manifestations.

The lengthy title, Mon Hang Chantra Jong Samdang Ritta Na Badnee, which can be roughly translated as May The Spell Of The Moon Reveal Its Power Now, is like the more melodramatic version of the play's two main source materials, Terrence McNally's Frankie And Johnny In The Clair De Lune and the 1987 film Moonstruck, starring Cher and Nicolas Cage. In both works, two strangers fall passionately in love within hours of meeting each other during a Full Moon.

Parnrut's play treats the Moon and its mysterious power more as a backdrop, although a large papier mâché one hangs prominently outside the windows of the Crescent Moon Theatre's Crescent Moon Space.

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