Valentina Lisitsa's outspoken words, outgoing music

A powerful performance for Tchaikovsky agnostics

Charles Olivieri-Munroe. The Photography Of Ivan Fodor ? 2015

Wonderful news for music lovers who hate Tchaikovsky symphonies. On Friday, the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra (RBSO) will be performing a Tchaikovsky symphony.

Now don't turn over the page yet. For this First Symphony is rarely performed. Although the musical resemblance to Tchaikovsky is evident, there is nothing of the morose, suicidal, moody composer. In fact, the First Symphony is guaranteed to lift the spirits of everybody in the Thailand Cultural Centre, no matter their tastes.

This writer, like many others, can tire of the mournful late music by the Russian composer, but in listening to the early Winter Daydreams by the 35-year-old Tchaikovsky, one is listening to a glistening, triumphant, optimistic symphony, perhaps the first modern symphony in Russian.

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