Songthaew driver makes long trip to return girl to mother

The driver of a local songthaew bus in Rayong province has been praised for his kindness in going out his way to return a girl who got on the wrong bus safely home to her mother.

Uncle Bin, the songthaew driver who showed kindness in ensuring his young passenger  was returned safely to her mother (Photo from Rayong We Share Facebook page)

Facebook user Ann Pannatron shared her heart-warming story on the Rayong We Share Facebook page.

The mother of 12-year-old girl said she normally drives her daughter to a weekend tutoring school in tambon Tha Pradu of Muang district. which is only three kilometres from their home. 

On Saturday, the girl asked for the first time to be allowed to use the local bus, which takes her directly to the school, to allow her mother to rest.  Ms Pannatron instructed her to make sure she got on a blue songthaew, which runs between Rayong town and Pak Nam, where they live.

A songthaew is a pickup or larger truck, with two long. inward facing bench seats fitted in the back, along the sides.

When the girl finished her school around 5pm, she had to wait for the bus. So when a blue songthaew arrived, she rushed to get on it and called her mother, saying she was on her way home.

The songthaew arrived instead at Ban Phe about 7pm. The driver asked the girl where she wanted to get off, and quickly realised she was on the wrong bus. The girl had thought the songthaew was detouring to drop off passengers and would finally pass her house.

It was late and the driver, who gave his name as Uncle Bin, had finished for the day. The girl was scared and started to cry, calling for her mother. Another person offered to drop her off at her home, but he refused.

Contacted by phone, the mother asked the songthaew driver to take the girl to Ban Phe police station,  which is about 20km from her home, but he insisted on returning her to the place where he picked her up.

He wanted to drop the girl off himself and meet her mother, otherwise he would not be able to sleep

“I dare not imagine what could have happened to my daughter if she did not meet a good person like this Uncle Bin, who was willing to drive a long way back to ensure that she was safe. And then he had to drive a long way home,” Ms Pannatron said.

It is about 60km from the point where he returned the girl to her mother to the driver's home in tambon Pak Nam Prasae.

She offered extra money to him, and Uncle Bin finally accepted 150 baht towards the cost of the fuel.

Ms Pannatron said she was so relieved she forgot to ask the driver's full name.


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