Thief returns motorbike, saying his wife 'misunderstood'

A police officer examines the note left by the "misunderstood" motorbike thief. (Photo by Jakkraphan Nathanri)

KHON KAEN: A man who stole a motorcycle later phoned police saying he was returning it, and left a note explaining his "wife misunderstood" and thought it belonged to his mistress.

After getting the call, Khon Kaen police went to collect the motorcycle, which was found under a bridge on Mittraphap Road in Nakhon Khon Kaen municipality. It had been reported stolen by the owner, Rattana Rulak, from an apartment building in the province.

The handwritten note left with the motorcycle. (Photo by Jakkraphan Nathanri)

There was a handwritten note left with the motorcycle. The writer said he was sorry for stealing it, but he was having difficulties and had felt it was necessary at the time. 

He had since learned there was a warrant out for his arrest, but that was not why he decided to return the bike.

“It is because my wife misunderstood and thought that I have a mistress,” the man explained. 

He continued that he stole the motorcycle because the owner left the key in it. He said he was also returning the mobile phone. 

The writer signed the letter "a well-wishing thief", and asked motorbike’s owner to drop the case.

However, police said it is a criminal case and could not be withdrawn, so they would track him down and take legal action.


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