A slap in the face for hopes of an egalitarian society

Waiter's apology to his high-ranking attacker underscores the Thai principle of knowing your place.

My heart goes out to Anusawn Chirapongse, the high-ranking government official who inflicted grievous bodily harm on a Greyhound Cafe waiter. "Grievous bodily harm" may be a little over the top. After summoning the waiter, Mr Anusawn slapped him after he gave a deferential wai, bent down and said: "Yes, Pa?"

"Don't call me that!" Mr Anusawn snapped back.

Anger is a short madness, and we are all guilty of it. Only this week I, too, snapped at Khun Noi, the maid, after the internet connection at my school dropped out, right at a critical moment during a League of Legends stand-off, causing me to lose the game.

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