Cleaning up the ocean, one bag at a time

Tesco Lotus customers are being asked to choose cloth over plastic

Nowadays, with more awareness of climate change and sustainability than ever, one would expect that humans are becoming more mindful in how they live their daily lives. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

According to Greenpeace, out of the 300 million tonnes of waste produced per year, around 10 million are dumped into the sea. Shamefully, 60% of ocean waste is produced by five countries in the Asia Pacific region: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and, unsurprisingly, Thailand. And we've been seeing clear effects.

Last month, Thailand's most pristine beaches and islands were threatened by a 10km-long, 100 tonne island of trash being swept through the Gulf of Thailand. What's shocking, though, is that the phenomenon isn't even new.

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