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Some of the best pieces for the little ones in stores now

For: Show-stopping appearance making

Sretsis' line for young girls, Little Sister, goes Madonna in season. Inspired by mixtapes, 70s disco and 80s funk, the usual princess multi-tiered dresses get showbiz razzle dazzle, decked with glitter patches and lightning motifs. Once styled with denim, leather jackets and the disco ball bag, the little miss is definitely looking concert-ready. Besides celebrating their one-year anniversary, the brand also launches their "Classic Collection" on Mother's Day. After their success with Victorian-inspired dresses for girls between the ages of two and 10, newborns and infants can be dressed in Little Sister's duds, too. Pinafores, bonnets, aprons, slippers and bibs in white and light blue are among the pieces you can buy, along with a miniature dollhouse and bunny rugs, which would add cuteness to any room. Visit Little Sister at Central Chidlom.

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