Coffee and a trilogy

This week we sat down with international best-selling author Pashmina P. After almost breaking Amazon with the huge hit of her first book The Cappuccino Chronicles — a page-turning tale that pans out over coffees, good conversations and real-life experiences had by some spiritual and not-so-spiritual women across different parts of the globe — the recent release of her second Mocha Madness has already welcomed the same levels of success. And who would have thought all this started from her being put on bed rest! Find out what Pashmina has to say about her journey, writing and the release of her third book next year!

You weren't always a writer. Tell us about your life before you became an author.

I feel like I was born to write. I remember reading my first novel aged six. Before I realised what was innate in me to become an author, I was a performing arts teacher for 16 years at an international school. During that time, I obtained my M.Ed. in international teaching from Framingham State University in Massachusetts. Prior to that I worked at a very reputable PR firm in Hong Kong as an English copywriter. I was only 22 when in this job and was very quickly immersed into a world full of glamour. At a young age, meeting reputable designers in the fashion world as well as art curators and some of the best business people in Asia was exhilarating. My calling to become a teacher quickly knocked on my door; I realised that my BA in Theatre Arts would serve as a purpose to inspire children. My ultimate dream is to build a state of the art 1,200 seat proscenium style theatre in Asia.

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