What's trending and happening this week

1 South Korean brand The Face Shop has teamed up with Coca-Cola to create a new make-up line. The Face Shop's renowned skincare technology and Coke's iconic cherry-red colour palette have come together in this The Face Shop x Coca Cola collaboration, which includes a collection of lip tints, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and cushion compacts. Bring a refreshing and bubbly feel to your make-up look with tones such as metallic red and luscious browns inspired by the refreshing, cool and bubbly Coca-Cola. Pick up your very own selection of The Face Shop x Coca Cola at any of Thailand's The Face Shop stores.

2 It is time to honour another comedic legend, Garry Shandling, through The Zen Diaries Of Garry Shandling. Since his passing in 2016, all that remains of Shandling's legacy are his innovative sitcoms and stand-up comedy. However, those who know him know Garry as a complex individual tormented by various lawsuits. The documentary, exclusive on HBO, features four decades' worth of TV appearances and personal journals, private letters, candid home audio and video footage, and 40 of Shandling's family and friends -- including Conan O'Brien, Jon Favreau and Sarah Silverman -- that reveal Shandling's brilliant mind. Tune into HBO on Aug 1 and 2 at 8pm to honour Shandling and his life.

3 Your favourite brunch spot has come out with a new seasonal menu: Taste of American Summer. Dean & DeLuca combines New York staples and Thai ingredients to create entrées such as Chilli Cheese Burgers and fries made from Thai wagyu beef, Chipotle Barbeque Ribs, and Barbeque Chicken Quarters. The drinks and desserts are reminiscent of iconic candy bars, featuring Iced Rocky Road Nutella Lattes, Rocky Road Milkshakes, Oreo Cheesecake and Apple Raspberry Crumble Cheesecake. Bring your inner foodie and enjoy these American classics with your friends and family. Check out these items at Dean & DeLuca locations, available until Sept 16.

4 On Aug 5, a charity concert will be held at De Commune Liberty Tower in Thong Lor. Featuring 12 artists, including Tantra and EX'S & OH'S, the concert is aiming to generate awareness about plastic bags and waste pollution in the ocean. Rock4Sharks is timed perfectly, attempting to undo damage with the knowledge that Thailand has become the country with the third-largest amount of released plastic waste. The concert is a combination of rock music and marine activism. Join in and help raise awareness for the environment as well as have fun with your friends. The concert will start at 5.30pm and end at 11.30pm. Tickets at the door cost 250 baht.

5 Get excited because Nothing But Thieves are coming to Bangkok. Originating in the UK, Nothing But Thieves made their debut in 2012 and have since taken over the alternative-rock scene. The band has sold out all its UK tours and is ready to conquer the rest of the globe. The concert will take place at Moonstar Studio on Aug 2. The first act will start at 8pm and will last all the way until 11pm. Tickets are available on Ticketmelon at 2,600 baht.


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