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Looking for a last minute present for mum? Let our gifting guide direct you to the right source

Flowers are always a nice gesture, but ones that can last forever are sure to give you a better run for your money. Why not gift mum with some jewellery pieces that come with the floral sentiment? Flowery assortments from Swarovski come in contemporary designs which feature a timeless black and white colour combo. They've also got a pearl option where they can be removed from the earring to channel the asymmetrical earring trend. If you want real diamonds, Tilda's Mother's Day collection features florals which also hold symbolic meaning through eight flower petals. Eight represents infinity, or infinite love in Western culture, while signifying wealth, or infinite fortune in Chinese culture. Otherwise, seal your love with hearts from Pandora which also comes in rose or golden hues this season. Their iconic logo and heart-shaped charms come in sweet colours that will blend right in with your staple silver set, while there are also letter charms to spell out your appreciation for mum.

Light blue is the go-to colour when it comes to Mother's Day in Thailand, so add this celebratory trait when picking her a handbag to mark this occasion. Furla's got blue hues going on with their Excelsa handbag that can take mum from day to night with its details inspired from fountains -- versatile but still eye-catching enough for any event. It can also be worn as a cross-body like the Metropolis M Top Handle, which is decorated with butterflies and bellflowers. As these purple florals symbolise everlasting love, constancy and affection, there's also a good message embodied. For mums that like things less figurative, Bao Bao Issey Miyake has a range of pouches and handbags splashed with abstract paint splotches. They come in darker shades of blue too, which is great to mask wear and tear.

Give mum's closet a blue upgrade with these blue and dainty picks, unless you'd rather buy them for yourself! Dress the part tomorrow with fluid outfits that come in romantic florals from Tory Burch. Just throw them on and you're good to go so no time-spending with mum is wasted. If you aren't the flowery type, they've also got some eye-catching, graphic sweaters that come in a perky light blue. Otherwise, we also like the simple but elegant blouses from Max & Co, where their white ruffles are reminiscent of delicate jasmine petals.

Stockists: Bao Bao Issey Miyake: Siam Discovery Furla: Gaysorn Village Max & Co: CentralWorld Pandora: CentralWorld, Siam Paragon Swarovski: Siam Paragon, Silom Complex Tilda: Central Chidlom Tory Burch: Siam Paragon, EmQuartier

Sweet treats

If your mum's a fool for beautiful pastries, treat her to these options below which are sure to strike her fancy.

Sretsis Parlour

Surprise mum with these vanilla butter cakes that have a hidden Kenny figurine inside its layers of passion fruit and mango jam. Only a limited amount are available throughout August, at 2,500 baht per piece. Make reservations before Aug 15 at 02-160-5875. Visit Sretsis Parlour at Central Embassy.

Mandarin Oriental Shop

Stick to the Mother's Day blue theme with these jasmine mousse with blueberry jelly and jasmine sponge cakes. You can afford to tell her you love her every day this month thanks to their friendly price tag of 140 baht per piece. Available throughout August at Mandarin Oriental shops at Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, The Emporium and Gaysorn Village.


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