Playing a perfectionist

Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul talks about her demanding boss character as well as her celebrated protagonists

Men have a habit of falling for Pimchanok "Baifern" Luevisadpaibul.

Photo: Varuth Hirunyatheb

Attractive and talented, Pimchanok made her debut at the age of 18 with the hit film Crazy Little Thing Called Love in 2010 in which she plays, beyond the odds, an ugly duckling. Last year her role as a material woman in the TV drama Long Fai was a surprise to viewers. You can see Pimchanok on TV now in Yutthakan Prab Nang Marn on GMM 25, playing yet another outspoken woman.

"Rampapath has a tantrum, but she never holds grudges," said the 26-year-old actress. "Her outburst makes her a difficult character. I didn't understand why she has to scream when she is upset. I have never done that in my life!"

Pimchanok as Kan Kaew in Long Fai. Photos: GM 25

One thing that the actress has in common with her protagonist is they are perfectionists when it comes to work. It started out in a familiar fashion. The young Pimchanok was scouted by a modelling agency while she was trained as a gymnast for her school. She agreed to go for an audition because it was an opportunity to act, which was what she always wanted to do. But she had to compete with other good-looking and talented young people who wanted to be in the spotlight. The aspiring actress once went to 30 tryouts before getting a small part in a music video.

After being an extra for a while, Pimchanok got a leading role and was recognised in a TV commercial where she played a deaf violinist.

"It was the first time that I understood how the character felt. I felt great to become a deaf violinist. I started to realise acting can be profound."

Her breakthrough character in Crazy Little Thing Called Love was Nam, an ordinary teenager who had a crush on a popular guy in a school. Pimchanok made Nam charismatic and unpretentious. The movie was a huge success and the actress gained lots of fans both locally and internationally, especially in China and the Philippines where the film was shown.

"Nam is my pride and joy, a memorable role. She is the most natural character I had ever worked on. After the achievement of being Nam, I have had more experiences and learned a lot of acting techniques. If I have to play Nam again, I would probably not be able to play her as well."

As an actress who has international fans, Pimchanok has just filmed a remake of the high-rated Korean TV drama Secret Garden, which will air next year in several countries. In this body-switching drama, she plays stunt woman Weena who swaps bodies with a male tycoon played by popular Thai actor Ananda Everingham.

Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul plays a demanding boss.

"It was difficult because Ananda has a lot of feminine gestures such as crossing his legs, but when I cross my legs, the character suddenly looks like a woman instead. Ananda's acting was so very good. He made me felt like he was a vulnerable woman and I wanted to give him a hug," Pimchanok said.

Even though the actress has worked on several characters in different lakorn, she didn't expect any of her characters to become memorable like Nam.

"I have never wished for my characters to be memorable because I have no idea how that would happen. As an actress, I just want to become characters naturally and want viewers enjoy them."

After having been in showbiz for more than a decade, Pimchanok still loves what she is doing, though lately, she has been asked about her break up from her actor boyfriend quite often.

"There is nothing I strongly dislike in showbiz. I understand how things are and don't feel miserable about it. I don't enjoy talking about my break up, but I understand the situation."

A Little Thing Called Love. Photo: Sahamongkol Film International


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