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The 10th edition of Made by Legacy Market (, will take place at Sermsuk Warehouse between Charoen Nakhon 13-15 from Jan 11-13, 3pm to midnight. The riverside market will cover 10 rai and be the biggest one ever, featuring 200 shops and vendors. Shoppers can expect vintage and antique items, vinyl records, designer brands, local craft, furniture, fashion items and knick-knacks. Classic cars and motorcycles will be on display for your IG moments, while food and drink, and vinyl tunes will add to the merriment. Admission fee is B100 per person per day. Get off at BTS Saphan Taksin and take a short ferry ride to the market.

Vudi "Vud" Somboonkulavudi graduated from the New York Institute of Technology with a master's degree in Communication Arts. He's the founder and director of Made By Legacy: New Old Community, which has been holding a flea market in Bangkok since 2012. We catch up with him to talk about the upcoming 10th edition of his famous market.

For those who aren't familiar with Made by Legacy flea market, how did the idea come about?

It began with my visits to many flea markets in foreign countries. I found many places that were although not big in size the vendors form a family-like bond such as Elephant's Trunk in Connecticut or The Antiques Garage in Chelsea, New York. I had many great experiences while shopping and talking to these vendors about their wares. It gave me the initial spark to create a curated market with quality vendors with my friends and bring it to Bangkok.

Bangkok has no shortages of market events or weekend markets. What makes yours stand out?

Vendors at our market are by invitation mostly. Some are architects and designers by profession who have amassed a lot of stuff from their travels but they don't usually set up shops at markets. They all come from varied jobs and different walks of life. I can guarantee that you won't usually meet them at other markets. They are almost like our exclusive vendors. What also makes our market stand out is that we're a gathering place for those who are fond of Western flea markets.

You will be holding the 10th edition of MBL flea market next week (Jan 11-13). What's special about?

It's special because we have collaborated with 20 vendors -- brands and people who have been with MBL from the beginning -- to create special collections to celebrate our 10th edition. It's called 'Made By Thailand Collection'.

Your market is known for featuring vendors of antique and vintage items. How do you find and screen them?

I'm a buyer of vintage items and I like to hang out with dealers and collectors. I even knocked on the doors of some of the dealers. I also pick my vendors through recommendations from friends or applications. I look at how passionate they are with what they are offering.

What's the difference between old and vintage?

Vintage items can be adapted and used in daily life. They can be clothing items or accessories while old stuff is something you collect for reminiscing or looking back to history. It can be a piece of furniture or home decor.

What's the strangest vintage items you've had at your market or come across?

There are so many to choose from! I like the 19th-century lifebuoy made from copper that was used by sailors. I also have seen a large-scale painting by National Artist Angkarn Kalayanapong, which someone paid a lot of money for at my market.

Where do you shop for vintage items?

I frequent Chatuchak Playground or what is colloquially known as Tuek Daeng [red building] across Chatuchak Market's clock tower. They have everything from off-the-blanket vendors à la Klong Tom to sellers of clothing and furniture.

Have Thais embraced the vintage lifestyle since MBL launched?

I think popularity of vintage lifestyle in general remains pretty much the same or even dips a little. However, Thais embrace the vintage lifestyle more than many countries in comparison because we're a hub of trading antique and vintage stuff for a long time. Foreigners fly here to buy stuff to resell them back home. Whenever vintage lifestyle gains popularity, Thais always have easy access to it. 


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