Thon Buri quest

'No Name Cats In Thonburi' encourages participants to explore the charms of the Bangkok district. photo: pichan sujritsatit

Presented by the Japan Foundation, "No Name Cats In Thonburi" is an activity where participants set off on a daily adventure from the Princess Mother Memorial Park at Tha Din Daeng, Klong San, until Feb 17.

This is the Bangkok version of Engeki Quest, a transformative piece of art where the audience become participants and set off on an adventure to explore their own narrative. They can choose their own adventure, relying on the instructions of an Adventure Book.

Engeki Quest has taken place in various cities throughout the world, including Yokohama, Manila, Dusseldorf and Ansan. For the Bangkok version, Japanese artist Chikara Fujiwara and his co-researcher, Minori Sumiyoshiyama, stayed in Klong San for two months and conducted research in order to write stories to feature in the adventure.

They compiled all the stories, experiences and interactions with the people, places, animals and things in the area into their Adventure Book. The contents, combined with the imagination, provide each participant with a one-of-a-kind experience, while allowing them to reflect on the rapidly changing nature of their city under the guise of a fun adventure.

The event is part of "Low Fat Art Festival #3", whose theme is linking contemporary art and the local community.

Participants are invited to take part during the daytime. Each will receive an Adventure Book in Thai, English and Japanese, free of charge. Only 1,000 copies are available.

There is no admission fee. Call 02-260-8560--4.


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