Myanmar army clears itself of atrocity charges

The Myanmar army has investigated itself and found it has no connection with burned out Rohingya villages like this one near Maungdaw, northern Rakhine state and photographed Saturday. (Reuters photo)

The Myanmar army has released the results of an internal investigation in which it exonerates itself of blame regarding the Rohingya crisis.

The report, which was posted to Facebook, denies that the tatmadaw killed any Rohingya people, burned any villages, raped any women or girls, or stole any Rohingya possessions.

Despite eyewitness reports, it blamed every report of fires, village destruction, shooting, rapes and theft on "terrorists from the Bengali community", the phrase used to describe Rohingya, which is a banned word. "The terrorists instructed the (hundreds of thousands of Rohingya) to flee, and they did so because they feared the terrorists".

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